Just sometimes simple things can cause a chain reaction of inspiration. Facebook when used in a positive way can really inspire others to achieve their dreams.


I have just joined a wonderful Facebook Group called Women Inspiring Women. In the very short time  I have been a member of this group I have seen, Women from all walks of life, encouraging others to achieve their dreams, like a virtual helping hand.

The power behind such a group has taking me by surprice and inspired me to write this blog. Can you believe that such a wonderful idea, translates into many hundreds of women from all over the globe connecting and helping each other.

Lifting others high and achieving their goals, with the encouragement of people they have never meet in real life.


Small actions can turn into huge rewards for all, one tiny idea, can snowball.

Have you got an idea ?

Can it inspire ?

A kind word at the right time maybe all you need to inspire others. Lift others and the rewards will be unimaginable.

One lady on the Women Inspiring Women Group, had the most brilliant idea, a light bulb moment.


This  lady had the idea of a ‘friendship  ladder’  encouraging  all the women who wanted to meet  other like minded women to simple add their name  in the comments.

It has gone mad !

At the time of writing this, 147 ladies have added their name to the list. That’s 147 people that believe in inspiring others. What a totally amazing way to connect to people who think along the same lines.


I hope that this inspires you to do something amazing !

Is now not your time ? Your time to achieve your goals. Because by you achieving  your dreams you inspire others. By you aiming for your goals, you encourage others to do the same.

What I wanted to get across in this blog is that your actions are inspiring, you are an inspiration.

Jump, do it, be you.




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