Mum’s working from home

I am a Mum working from home 


I am lucky, I made a decision from day one, I wanted to be around as much as I could for my girls.

Being a Mum working from home,  planning is the  key.

Everyday I have a list of the things that I either want to do with my business or things that have to be done

( as it’s my business its rare that something will have to be done !)

My list then gets done around what the kids are doing, they have just broken up for Summer holidays, which involves

different activities and loads and loads of fun.


Today we are having a quiet day they are reading and playing in the pool whilst I am here writing this.

We enjoyed a family lunch and later we will again meet around the kitchen table for dinner.

If you are thinking about working from home whilst raising a family, I can highly recommend it.

If you have the right business for you, the determination, plan well, then you can have your cake and eat it.

Never missing those important first’s and no child care to pay out.

You also are providing a great role model for your children,

showing them what can be achieved when you want something enough.

Enjoy every minute you can they grow up fast !



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