Greece-What it means for us

Greece-What it means for us

What does it mean ? Is it going to effect our lives in any way ?

Could it be the beginning of the end of things as we know them ?

Is there anything we can do ?


The way I see the situation in Greece, as a casual observer, a run of the mill person with no formal training and just an interest in the world around me, is that this could be the beginning of the end of Fiat currencies. Fiat currencies are basically all paper money, the pound, the euro, the dollar, etc, backed only with a promise.

No need to panic, we have a heads up, we have time, it may not even happen in our life time, but it might.

The Greece people have been well and truly shafted. The good old banks who are more than happy to take their money now closed indefinitely, the cash machines if they have money in them, which over 40% don’t, that will only rise, are limiting how much people can draw out. Surely that is robbery, it’s their money.


Imagine, you are that hard working person who has saved all your life, just to find you can’t get to that money. Because Greece is in the Euro they can’t just print more money, which is what has been happening ever since Fiat currency came into being. They could not just print more when money was backed by Gold, now we see the prices we pay raising and the notes in our pocket fallen in value.


I have already seen how the bank system in the UK doesn’t want to give you your money, taking seven days to clear a cheque, asking what you want YOUR money for. They have control over us, because our World has been based on a piece of paper or random numbers on a screen, which pretend to be real.

Do we have a choice ? No for now we have to play the game.

However on a more positive note, we can plan for the future and whatever it holds.

People in Greece have not had that luxury, we are the lucky ones. The ‘Money Men’ even in Greece will be fine, they will be able to access all the paper money they like. It’s the normal everyday people like us that always end up paying the very high price for the greed of a few.

So what can we do ?

We could do like my dear Great Grandmother did and stuff the paper under the mattress, I know she did this because she used to give £1 notes for my Birthday years after they went out of circulation !

We could grow our own food, this will not work for all, as many have no outside space.

We could find something for which we can exchange food, this I fear will be the only way many in Greece will survive, I hope I am wrong because with this it is only the strong and determined that make it.


We could change the way we think about our money and think of ways that we protect our lifestyles as much as possible. We could go back in time, not literally, we could change the paper we have into gold. Gold has been a tool, a currency from the beginning of time. It has throughout history outlived Fiat currencies ( google can provided detailed information on Fiat currencies), whilst Fiat currencies struggle, Gold increases in value. That’s  why China and Russia are buying Gold, they are forward thinking.


Of course a normal people can’t buy in the same scale as Countries can, however we can change the way we think and hedge our bets, buying a small amount every month may just safe guard our future. This is what I am doing. The most efficient way is through Gold bullion and if you would like help with that contact me and I may be able to point you in the right direction.

A really fun way, but not the most effective is Jewellery.


To conclude every cloud has a silver (or Gold) lining, us girls now have an excuse to hit the shop’s we are saving for our future !


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