Being a Mum, following a Dream

Being a Mum, following  a Dream is not always an easy thing to do, but it is always rewarding.


I love being a Mum, I have two beautiful daughters who I adore.

I have been blessed in that although over the fourteen years since my eldest was born

I have done many things some just to earn money, others to follow my dream. The times I have had

conventional jobs I was able to take them with me, I was a pre-school assistant when they were

at pre-school, when we moved to Spain and opened a bar they were with us when not at school.

Their job was head of Children’s entertainment.


Now I am following my dreams, I write blogs like this one, I am also writing a book.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough  my Husband and I have become involved with an amazing new company,

this promises to make another of my dreams come true, this is the big one !

My dream is to help other people create the life they want and deserve, at the same time

securing the future for my Girls.


My children give me wings and enable me to fly.

Whatever your dream is do it, by going for it you will be a better Mum, because you are being true to you.

I can recommend being a Mum, following a Dream.


If you want to know more about the Golden Opportunity that makes dreams come true,

email me :


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