Talking to Strangers

I was told not to talk to strangers, then  my Mum would !

Any of you who read my last blog will know my Mum always talked to strangers or as I like to call the ‘randomers’ and although I was a good girl and as a child did as I was told and didn’t speak to randomers, as an adult its a favourite pass time of mine.

I have met some truly amazing people and now have some of them as friends on Facebook.

I have had varying conversations ranging from religion to politics and everything in-between.

Saturday was no different, first I attended a pre-launch meeting for what I know will be an amazing business, helping people safe guard their futures. The room was full with very diverse people from all walks of life and with very different levels of business knowledge and experience. Although I do not class these people as ransomers as I know I will meet them all again, I really enjoyed our first meeting.

In the evening after everyone had left, my husband and I went in search of dinner, we could not have guessed what a wonderful evening was to follow.

Sierra Exif JPEG

It all started with a small group of men who were stood at the bar, laughing and joking, one of them must have been about 50 years old said ‘I’m giving up drinking in 50 years time’, I laughed and replied ‘me, too’

We left the bar to sit and have the most amazing Thai meal, the pub was clean, tidy and full of characters just as a pub that is a few hundred years old should be.

It is clear that it survives on it’s ‘locals’, it was very much a regulars pub, and not much food appeared to be being sold, which is a real shame because it was so good.

On finishing the meal, we sat back at the bar, some of the group had left and others had joined, before we knew it we were in conversation.


That night their was two brothers, both early twenties, the youngest in their that night. I had a lovely chat with them and one proudly showed me photos of his two small children.

Their was the one hard guy who thankful left not to long after we arrived back at the bar, he had just got out of prison after doing 20 years, so he informed us, think he was trying to impress, he didn’t.

Everyone else was so friendly the landlady was lovely telling us about how she had two other pubs like this one, but this was the one that struggled and she would be giving it up when her lease expired, which I think will be a real shame.

The lovely ex-bouncer who was the brother of a famous cricketer, who I have never heard of, but Barry ( my husband) enjoyed a long conversation with him about cricket (cricket is one of Barry’s favourite things).

In the mean time I enjoyed chatting to a man who was a self employed radiographer, he worked three months in whatever area needs a stand in  and then he goes to Thailand for a month. He showed me pictures of his girlfriend and told me that she frustrates him because she works to hard. She is a beautician in a resort and works 9-9 six days a week, she get up a six everyday to wash his clothes and cook his breakfast. On her one day off she up at the same time to clean the house, even though she sweeps the floors everyday. He just wants her to let him do the domestic stuff whilst he is there. I think it must be a cultural thing, because I would jump at the offer!  He was a nice guy with a really interesting way of life.

We were enjoying these ransomers so much we ended up staying five hours.

People can make such a positive difference to even one day, just by talking to each other.

I hope I made a difference to the old man who I spoke to on the way to the loo, he was sat all alone having a fag by the open backdoor. He started talking to me, he had a great sadness in his eyes. It turns out that he was very lonely, his mother had died the year before, he had no family and no job. He told me his life was pointless apart from his friendships in the bar, a sad fact that reminded me of a old man I once knew Mo, who was much the same, as I expect are countless others.

I told him that he was important and that his friendships were his purpose and to keep his chin up, before I kissed his cheek and went on my way.



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