Theme Parks Scare me !

It’s strange how things change, as a child and young adult I loved theme parks.

I loved the rush of adrenaline as my body traveled at high speed, turning upside down.


It all changed, why ?

My daughter was born.


As my two daughters grow and now have turned to teenagers, it causes a problem.

They love theme parks and water parks.

Water parks I have never much enjoyed as I am not a strong swimmer and hate my face being under water.

But the slides, OMG, my eldest I can’t even watch as she climbs the hundreds of steps to go on the death slide, just knowing she is up there creates yet another grey hair.


This change in me, has to be connected to Motherhood, it happened at around the same time.

Is it that a sense of protecting them is so strong that the imaged danger of these rides causes some sort of maternal instinct to kick in.

After a quick search of accidents at Alton Towers, only because very recently there had been a major accient in which a young women tragically lost a leg. I found an article from ‘Mirror’ newspaper dated 5th June 2015.

This article states that there had been 32 accidents over the last 3 years. Yet if you think that every season 12.6 million individual rides occur, then  you see just how irrational my fear is.

Of course for all those hurt, it is a life changing event and I am not belittling their experiences or their suffering.


However with around 20,000 car accidents happening every year, you are more likely to be hurt on the way to the theme park than at it.

Yet knowing all this I still feel sick as I watch my beautiful daughters climbing the long tall stairs up to whatever thrill seeking ride they wish to travel.

I am brave and although they know there are many rides Mum just will not go on, I manage the ones that my body will physically allow me to walk too.

I find the whole thing strange, I am not scared of much and have spent a life time pushing myself to do uncomfortable things, without major issue. Just getting my head down and getting whatever it is done, mainly by sheer stubbornness.

Maybe it is that it’s not that important, which is why I haven’t got the will power to get on those safe but scary rides.

This summer I will push myself again and maybe I will be able to not gain any more grey hairs and even ride a few more roller coasters.



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