Where the Smart Money Goes

Where the Smart Money Goes



With the changing World we live in, is our money safe ?

What is the best way for us normal working people to safe guard what we have worked so hard to earn ?

Over the last seven years World debt, the debt countries, not individuals owe has increased by almost 100%.

This is an amount never intended to be paid back, the governments just print more money or add more ‘0’s’ on a computer screen.

This effects us in a very real way, it means that the cash in our pocket buys us less.

In the last hundred years all the currencies in the World have lost 97-99% of their real purchasing power, any savings dating back that far are now virtually worthless.

Most of us will not be looking to save for a hundred years time, in fact it would be a miracle if anyone reading this was still alive. However the currency we work hard to earn, we want whatever saving we have to be able to purchase the most goods possible. With the way the global economy is going we could end up in a situation where it isn’t worth much at all.


However all is not lost there is a solution and that solution has been used as a way of exchange since civilisation came into existence.

The solution is Gold.

Normal people think that there is no way they can afford to save in Gold, but everyone can.

Gold can be complicated to understand, it has a spot price which is used as a bench mark, but no-one anywhere buys it at that price. Confusing to start with, but once you know that it is a base figure and all Gold is priced on a percentage above spot, it becomes a little clearer.

Gold prices do go up and down, however if you look at it in a long term way and not to gain huge profits tomorrow sort of way. You will be sure to have more Gold than you would paper money when you need it or want it, to exchange for goods.

Where can you buy Gold ?


Many many sites on the internet sell Gold, even Ebay and Amazon.

What you should be looking at is 99.99% Gold this is the highest quality and will hold its value.

Price on 14th October 2015 for  1 gram at Spot (base figure) £24.479

average price paid was 84% over spot £45.95

You also have to consider that you are likely to be charged a storage fee or if you wanted the Gold delivered to you a delivery fee, this can be as much as £10.

There is one company that offers 99.99% Gold at a much more attractive price.

25% over spot

six months free storage


£2.50 delivery (at current Royal mail rate)

Take a look here to find out how you can get Gold cheaper than anywhere else




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