Work, Balance and Wellbeing




We all know that for our own well being, we have to find balance in our lives.

We know it, but we don’t always do it, sometimes it is impossible to do.

From my personal experience it has taken me years to find that balance and because of that has had a knock on health effects from time to time.

I have always been someone that works hard, starting work on Saturdays at the age of just thirteen.

I became a workaholic when I was young and single working six days a week as an estate agent and two nights a week in a bar, not much balance there.

After I had my children I still worked but was unable to be an Estate Agent and give my children the attention they needed and deserved.

I worked around them which gave me some sort of family balance but no time for me, so not total balance.

When we moved to Spain and ran a successful Spanish bar it tipped the balance scales out totally. I was lucky the kids could be with us but the  quality of time with them was stollen moments between customers, long hours made it impossible to have the balance right. It was a financial necessity, in order to put food on the table the hours had to be put in.

This I am sure will sound familiar to many, not the work but the fact in order to cover that mortgage, the rent, the bills and eat we have found our lives are totally out of balance.

The million dollar question is what is the solution ?

How to do get that balance when we have bills to pay and mouths to feed ?

The answer is not an easy one, if it was then everyone would be in total balance.

I have found that if you find something you love doing that can also create an income you are half way there.


Balance will have to be worked at, finding that few minutes for you.

What I do is get up half an hour before I wake the kids to get them ready for school,

I sit with a coffee and look at the stars, no phone, iPad or computer, just me and the beauty of the world.

This sets me up for the day.


It you can find that one thing you love to do, that you are passionate about, you will still have to work at it but it will feel easier, balance and financial freedom will follow.

I am not a great one for schedules but if you are write a timetable to put in balance. For me I am a list type of person and that’s how I add balance to my day. My list contains things that have to be done like take the kids to the school bus, but also other things I need to do or want to do in the day. By adding normal things that can not be avoided I get a sense of achievement straight away when I have crossed them out.


Good luck finding your balance and allowing yourself time to concentrate

on your own wellbeing even just five minutes you time will pay dividends.



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