Back to the Future – Where will we be in 30 years ?

Back to the Future – Where will we be in 30 years ?



Today is the day that Marty from the hit 1985 film ‘Back to the Future’ came to.

It’s official we are now it the future !

Over the last thirty years much has changed, that can not be denied, however not in all the ways the films suggests it might.

We still drive on roads and don’t fly to the supermarket to buy our bread and milk.


In 1985 the average cost of a large loaf of bread was 33p and 1 pint of milk 23p.

Looking at a major supermarkets prices today the cheapest bread and milk available were double that.

Our money doesn’t buy us the same, that has changed.

pound-414418__180                                                                 In thirty years time could the prices have doubled again, I would say thats very likely.

                                                                     Will we all have hoover boards and our cars fly, don’t know but it would be fun.

                                                 One thing is for sure things are changing, the money we earn isn’t worth as much as it was in 1985 and prices keep rising.

The banks print more, which effects us, how we live, what we do.Unknown-1

                                                           We have already had to bail out banks to stop them going under, how many times can we do that?

                                                         I do not know the answer, but I do know what I am doing to save guard my future and that of my children.

                                                 Like the last thirty years the next will surely see many many huge changes for individuals, for companies, for countries and for the World.

                                                      Lets do what we can to safe guard ourselves and hope that the majority of these changes will be for the better.

            Let’s make sure for us and those around us it is.

   Spread kindness and hope.

           Take care of your future so you can help others.

                   No one has a crystal ball that can show everything that will happen, however we can be ready for anything.

Enjoy the next thirty years, here’s to 2045.


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