Do you believe that only the rich can afford to own Gold ?

Do you believe that only the rich can afford to own Gold ?



I did but now I know better.

I grow up with the idea that it was only those with loads of money, like the Harry Enfield character had Gold. I also thought that their Gold was in the form of jewellery. Gold bars were only owned by banks and super rich companies.

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Now I know better, I know that we can all own Gold and Gold in bar form, ok they may not be the size of the ones you seeing in the big bank robbing films, but over time they might be.

I have this picture in my head of traders standing in front of the pyramids in Egypt trading goods for gold. This image of ancient civilisations trading seems to me how things may revert. Revert back to exchanging goods for Gold.

This reason I think we could take a step back and be using Gold as exchange again is that the paper money in our pocket is being down valued on a regular basis, buying us less and less.

For example when I brought (well mortgaged) my first flat in the outskirts of London back in the 1990’s it cost me £42,000, two years later I sold it for £65,000, now the same one bedroomed flat would cost you £250,000 !

Wish I had held on to it !

This shows how the money in our pocket has devalued in the last twenty years, we now have to work harder and earn more just to have a roof over our heads. The housing market maybe good for you, as long as you don’t want to move to a bigger house and the market doesn’t crash.

Can it really keep going up ?


It’s a bit of a risky investment at the moment, I would say and it is not with out its costs, properties have to be maintained.

Gold, however I believe will again, as it once was become the currency we all use, it is the only form of exchange that has through out history been a constant.

We can all own it, we can buy an amount every month that is affordable to us and safe guard our futures.

We can keep it in a secure vault or have it delivered to us.


There is a ground breaking company coming into the market place, that offers everyone the opportunity to buy Gold at the best price anywhere from as little as 1 gram of Gold at a time, making Gold affordable for everyone. You could save a massive £14.50 (correct at time of writing) on one gram of Gold.

Does it get better ?

Yes it does !

By sharing the news, you can get even better prices and commissions.

Find out today

Nothing to loss and a life to win



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