Inspirational ——— It is not everyday you meet someone that is totally inspirational. The sort of person that changes the course of your life. A person who changes your view of life and yourself. Someone that leads by example and makes you want to be the best you. I luckily meet such a person about … More Inspirational

Expat or Immigrant ?

I am an immigrant, I could also be classed as an expat.

Google definition :

Expat – a person who is voluntarily absent from home or country.

Immigrant – a person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another … More Expat or Immigrant ?


SAMURAI ————- I wanted to share this poem with you that a friend of mine wrote. I feel that it is to good not to share with you all. Fred has a huge knowledge about many things and although this poem has no historical or factual truth in it, it is clear to me that … More Samurai

Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage ———————– ‘Love and Marriage go together like a horse drawn carriage’ Frank Sinatra It’s true they do, but it is not enough to love the person you are married to. Marriage takes a lot of things combine to make it work. In order to have a happy and healthy marriage I have … More Love and Marriage