Calling all Network Marketers !

Calling all Network Marketers



It strikes me that there are a few issues with Network Marketing.

One of the main ones is auto-ships, unless of course the products are ones you can either use or sell on a regular basis.

However,  I suspect many of you have ended up with a cupboard full of out of date products, just as I have.


Please take part in these polls to help me find out if I am right !

How much is your cupboard worth if every month your auto-ship included 1.5 grams of bullion grade Gold ?

Here is the answer

After just one year your cupboard would hold 18 grams of Gold

After three years your cupboard has grown to hold 54 grams of Gold

After five years that same cupboard holds 90 grams of Gold


There is a brand new UK company launching on the 29th November 2015, their auto-ship includes Gold.

They have a guaranteed buy back policy, based on yesterdays prices (10th November 2015)

if you decided to sell your last five years auto-ship of Gold they would pay you £2,083.05.

If you went to any one of the seven online retailers of Gold to acquire 90 grams over the last five years prices,

it would cost you 90 x 1 gram price – about £2700 plus £10 a month storage fee (£600 storage over 5 years)

Total (around)- £3,300

People are paying too much for their Gold.

Take a look at this ( and it is out of stock for three weeks)

Gold on-line

On 29th November 2015, there will be an another way, a better way to buy Gold.

What are you doing on #29November ?

Why not come along and find out how you can make money from being part of a distribution network that helps others to save for their future in Gold.

The SAME Gold as the Royal Mint – without the crazy price tag !


I want to know more – tell me !

( Please note that Gold prices go down, as well as up. Legacy Gold is NOT about playing the Gold markets, but is about help people saving in Gold for their futures, at the best possible price)


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