I wanted to share this poem with you that a friend of mine wrote.

I feel that it is to good not to share with you all.

Fred has a huge knowledge about many things and although this poem has no historical or factual truth in it, it is clear to me that his imagination has been fuelled by his knowledge.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Care of others before yourself
Finding space upon your shelf
Loving kindness in every way
Compassion for others every day

Use your power to help a man
Take the lead, give a hand
Do your best, be bold
Do not need to be told

He who speaks does not know
In this world we have to go
He who knows does not speak
All your strength for the weak

Female nurture very good
Males protect as they should
Never hurt or harm a child
Even if they’re running wild

Samurai is your task
Go to this and never ask
For reward or wish for fame
No two people are the same

Live your life without a need
All things grow from tiny seed
Many possessions weigh you down
Everything goes round and round

Answer to what is true
Finding home is finding you
Chasing wealth is not your way
Helping others on any day

Tame your mind to work for you
Staying honest, staying true
Nourish your body with what it needs
No poisons, powders or bad seeds

The world awaits your thankless care
Constantly looking you are always there
Fellow beings need a hand
Passing through this troubled land

For Samurai there is no end
Life and death are just the same
Round and round the cycle goes
No one sees and no one knows.

Written by   Fred Smithers



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