Tomorrow is NOT Guaranteed

Tomorrow is NOT Guaranteed


This may seem like a strange title for a blog, however it is true.

None of us know what is around the corner and what life may throw at us next.

We are living in a World that is frightening.

Innocent normal people are being targeted all over the World by terrorists,

last week attacks took place not just in Paris, but in Beirut and Kenya also.

We however can decide how we react, of course, we will all feel sadness, horror, anger  and fear.

If we hold on to those feelings the terrorists win.

We are sold lies everyday, by the media and governments.

These crimes, we are told are carried out, as a religious act.

Yet most Muslims are just like you and I, they don’t go round killing people.


The terrorists want to create World war three, they want it to be Muslims vs the rest of the World.

When we are scared of Muslims, or we attack Muslims, we play right into the hands of the terrorists.

There is a better way !

There are many other problems we find ourselves facing in this changing World.

Our reactions to the many problems the World face, will determine our lives.

We can decide to be tolerant of others beliefs, we can decide that we will not be held ransom by the terrorist and get on with our lives the best we can. We can decide that we will still take that trip to Paris. We can decide they will not stop us.

We can learn to be grateful for everyday, because so many have gone too soon, we need to get as much enjoyment as we can from our lives, in respect for them.

Live your life fully, be grateful for all you have and the opportunities you are given.

Have fun, laugh and love.

Russell Brand’s Solution to terrorism


Love him or hate him, he makes some good points.

Go and enjoy your life, make it count.



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