It is not everyday you meet someone that is totally inspirational.

The sort of person that changes the course of your life.

A person who changes your view of life and yourself.

Someone that leads by example and makes you want to be the best you.

I luckily meet such a person about thirteen years ago.

I was working hard with a network marketing company, I loved the products and I wanted to share them with the World, I also needed to earn money. With two babies at home, network marketing made sense to me. I could choose my hours and take the girls with me.

I started to go to a meeting once a week set up by the Country Manager, a meeting set up to help distributors set their goals and show them how to achieve them.

This man saw something in me and sent me on a weekend course, the aim was to get the people on the course up to the highest rank. I was the lowest rank on that course.

In this company I had limited success and the reason was that I was difficult to duplicatable.

Why because I am not afraid to get out of my comfort zone, I would do surveys on the streets, people were never interested in joining my business because they thought they would have to do that too.

Over the years I have kept in touch with Shaun through Facebook.

About 16 months ago he posted something that caught my attention.

He had a vision and that vision was to help people.

I contacted him and found out his vision was so much more than just helping people.


This is his vision :

To create a network marketing company where 95% of people succeed, they succeed because there will be a video system, everyone has the same chance. Everyone has a level playing field, it doesn’t matter who you know, you don’t need to make phone calls, you don’t need to sell, because the system does it for you.

To build a culture of people helping each other.

A way to safe guard normal peoples future from financial disasters like we saw earlier in the year in Greece.

By teaching people to save in the only currency that has been constant since man first started swapping goods – GOLD.

A vision that everyone, from all walks of life, can afford gold.

A vision that everyone can earn whilst they save.

A vision of creating a company that helps people develop in all areas of their lives.

A vision to create a better World for as many people as possible.



Shaun Charity is an inspiration because he didn’t just have the vision, but he acted on it.

He has found a brilliant partner Philip Llewellyn  and together they have worked tirelessly, to make the vision a reality.

They have the UK’s oldest and most reputable gold company on board, which makes it possible for normal people to buy gold (small amounts) Cheaper than anywhere else on the internet.

The turnkey video system is in place and will make the business and product available to everyone.

It is duplicatable, you will not have to be like me and blog, you can be  you! We are all unique and this system lets you be that.

Everything Shaun has visualised, he is now putting into place, right down to the best and fairest marketing plan the industry has ever seen.

These two men are going to change the way all network marketing companies work.

The vision becomes a reality on Sunday 29th November 2015



Click here to find out about Legacy Gold Launch

Thank you Shaun for inspiring me, for giving me the opportunity to invest in such an amazing company. I am honoured and proud to be involved and to call both you and Phil my friends.



2 thoughts on “Inspirational

  1. Mrs Ritchie – YOU are the real inspiration. Your beliefs, your own fortitude in the face of adversity, your ability to bounce back stronger than ever… your OWN vision and strength of character; your force of personality and your ability to see the best in people. None of what we’re doing would have been possible without the support of you and Barry. Thank YOU!

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