My Home Town – Aldershot – Part 3

My Home Town – Aldershot – Part 3

There have been many Famous people who have either past through Aldershot or came from Aldershot. Here are but a few.

In 1894 a five year old Charlie Chaplin made his first stage appearance.

In 1885 Winston Churchill was stationed here, he returned in 1910 for manoeuvres.


Samuel Cody the great ‘Wild West’ showman and pioneer of manned flight. Designing in 1901 the Cody War Kites which where used during the first World War. He worked and died just up the road from Aldershot in Farnbororugh. He was a true pioneer of his day.


In 1941 the Germany deputy to Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess fled to the UK. He was imprisoned just outside Aldershot in Mytchett for thirteen months before being sent to Spandau Prison (Germany) where he was sentenced to life, he killed himself inside the prison in 1987 at the age of 93.


In 1948 the Lido (outdoor swimming pool) became the venue for the swimming events in the summer Olympics. Filling Aldershot with the best athletes of the time.

The Lido is still in use, although has been fighting to survive over the past few years.


The Beatles performed in Aldershot in 1961

However due to an advertising error only 18 people attended.

The wonderful actor Arthur English came for Aldershot and I was fortunate to meet him on several occasions.

One one of those occasions I had was with my Mum collecting for Christian Aid week and to our surprise  and delight he opened the door. He told us how he was only at home because he had broken his arm, my Mum explained what a huge fan I was, I was about ten years old and star struck ! He entered his house and returned with a promotional photo which he signed for me even with his non writing hand.

Have a look at the great man at work !

Martin Freeman is another amazing actor who comes from Aldershot, with fantastic work including Sherlock and The Hobbit.


The Hobbit in action

Some famous musicians have also come from Aldershot.

Amelle Berrabah from the ‘Sugababes’ and Jason’J’ Brown from ‘Five’

Sugababes video

Five music video

We also have Athletes

Stephanie Twell – Long distance runner

Joe Jopling – England footballer – played for Aldershot and run ‘The Golden Lion’ pub in the High Street.

Johnny Berry – footballer for Manchester United

Tom Whittaker MBE – Footballer for Arsenal

Last but not least we have Alex Reid – Cage Fighter

He is most famed for his ill fated married to Katie Price, but has become a TV personality in his own right.

I went to school with him, well so I am told by my old friends, yet I have no memory of him! I am quite sure he also has no memory of me, so he will not be offended !


This is not a complete list, there have been many successful people from all areas of life that have pasted through or grown up in this town.

I have picked but a few that I hope interest you.

These blogs are by no means the whole story of Aldershot but a quick over view.

I really appreciate the help and support the Facebook Group ‘Historic Aldershot Military Town’ has given me, thank you.

I apologise if I have left out important information.

I hope you have found these blogs interesting and now I am turning them into a hour long talk for my children school.


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