Making the right choice

Making the right choice for you

People start their own businesses for a number of reasons and direct sales/ network marketing  is no different.

The aim of this blog is to help you make the right decision for you, making the right decision on what company to join in direct sales is your first step to success.


So for whatever reason you have decided to start your own business in direct sales. Direct sales offers the perfect vehicle for people who want to supplement their income or stay at home Mum’s.
You choose when you work and how hard, in some cases you could even earn enough over time to leave the nine to five job, if that is what you want.

Question you should ask

  1. Can you hold the product in your hand ?
  2. Research the company, who is the CEO ?
  3. Can you speak to the head office easily ?
  4. Is the product good value for money ?
  5. Does the company offer a duplicatable system to follow ?
  6. What is the company’s mission statement ?
  7. Is the product something that people will come back to buy ?
  8. Will the company offer you support, guidance and materials (such as Facebook posts)?
  9. How will you get paid ?
  10. Does the company have a buy back or refund policy ?
  11. Will the product add value to your life in any way ?
  12. Do you have to buy every month ?
  13. Do you like the product ?
  14. Do you believe in the company ?
  15. Does the company’s ethic match yours ?

Asking these questions will help make things clear for you and easier for you to make a decision. The only stupid question is the one that’s never asked, if you have other questions ask them too.


Think twice if :

  1. You have been told you will make wild sums of money for little or no work, this is highly unlikely, you get rewarded on your effort.
  2. The product is not physical
  3. The product is something that you wouldn’t buy regularly, you will always be looking for new customers and not growing a customer base
  4. If you have to buy huge amounts of products, these can go out of date before you can sell or use them
  5. You have a question mark about the companies ethics

There are many fantastic companies out there and a few rogue ones, hopefully this blog will help you avoid the few and make the right decision for you.

If you can add value with your product, the company will support you and ethics are good, the sky is the limit.


Everyone is different, so it is important to make the decision that is right for you. If something doesn’t feel right to you don’t do it.

Become a customer first and see where that leads you.

Happy flying.



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