Do you have a plan ?

Do you have a plan ?


Do you know where you want to go in your life ?

Do you know how to get there ?

Do you have a map, set for you to follow to reach your destination?

Do you even know the basics that will help you get there ?

What you need to know

What is your income ?

Is that just from your 9 to 5 job or do you have other ways to increase it ? For example rental properties, shares or a home based business.


What are your out goings ?

The bills that always need to be paid, rent/mortgage, electric, gas, water, car, loans, food.

What is left at the end of every month ?

Where does that go ?

11094120Do you waste it, do you save it or do you enjoy it ?

Where do you want to be ?

What is that goal, are you on the right track ?

Is your income greater than your expenses ?

If not then it’s only a matter of time before you come unstuck, so what can you do about it?

You have a lot of different routes that you could take.

You can cut your expenses to match your income, of course this is as long as there is money left after the big ones have been covered.

You can look for a better paid job.

You could start your own home based business.

Writing the plan

You now have the facts you need to plan for your success, you know what you want to achieve and that will have a price tag. You want more time with your family = you need more income so you can leave your job.

So how much is that price tag ?free_13982684

It needs to more than cover all your expenses if you are quitting your job. If you want a family holiday then that’s your price tag.

Ok, so you have your price tag, now decide how you are going to get there.

If you want something like time freedom, then a better paid job may not be your answer, if you want a holiday it maybe your perfect answer.

What will you do to get it ?

Let’s say you decide to start a home based business to reach that target. Now you need to work out how many sales you will need, then break it down to how many people you will need to speak to to reach that. Now these figures will depend on the company you choose and the product. Find someone to help you, follow the system that has worked. Quickly you will know how many people you need to help in order to get your goal. At the beginning, work on, one in ten will join you, then adjust as you see your own results.

Making the right choice this blog will help you get the right company for you

Now you know the very basics to getting to your goal.

Why not try playing this board game, it can even be played online, click on the picture to play.

Cashflow helps you with your accounting and find different ways to be financially free, all whilst having fun with the game. We play it with our children and can highly recommend it.





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