Rio 2016 – Are you inspired yet ?

Rio Olympics 2016 

Are you inspired yet ?


What can the Olympic games teach us ? Can everyone from any walk of life learn something ?

I think we can.


Not all of us want to be athletes, personal I don’t want to be one !

Yet I can not help but be inspired by what these amazing people achieve.

Take the British Cycling team together as a team they nailed it. Listen to the medal winner during interviews they talk about the achievements as a team achievement. All the support staff are part of that medal.

What could be achieve if we worked as a team in our lives ?

Could we at every opportunity help raise others higher, with encouragement. We have the power to win Gold in our lives, maybe not Gold medals, but a golden quality of life.


Four  years these guys have been building up to their dreams, four years of getting up in the middle of the night to start training, four years of training six-eight hours a day to achieve their goals. Pushing their minds and bodies, never giving up.

Imagine if all gave a fraction of that commitment and determination to our dreams and goal. Imagine if we just kept going, worked through the obstacles and set backs. Not giving up when the going got tough, in four years time, we would be achieving our goals too. We will have made  our dreams come true.


If each of us shows the same level of commitment as these Olympians to our goals and dreams, then we too can achieve Gold in our lives.


Team work, hard work, commitment and never giving up are key.

Go be an Olympian in your life, be the best in your field.

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