How Much ?

How Much ?


We all know that we should be saving for a rainy day, right ?
But here’s the thing many of us aren’t saving for two main reasons

1st – We don’t have any spare money, because we think saving is a luxury

2nd – The high street doesn’t make it worth our while, with low interest rates, we see little or no return on what we have put aside

What most people do not know is they do have a choice, there is another way !



In September last year I took a different approach to saving,
I transferred my pound notes into gold bullion.

In less than a year I have seen an increase of a HUGE 35%


In real terms that means if I sold my Gold today I would be getting 35 pence in the pound more than I put in.

£50 worth of gold would now be £67.50
£100 worth of Gold would now be £135
£1000 worth of Gold would be £1350

The Gold price back in September was £23.96 per gram
That’s less than a night out !

Todays price is higher, today is £33.94 (7th July 2016) a gram but still well within reach of most people.
Still less than most people spend on a night out !

If the price of Gold continues to go up at 35% a year in a years time you will own £45.81 worth of Gold and not have a hangover in the morning.


What if you had savings of say £1000 sitting not doing much under your bed or in the bank, what if you brought Gold with that today ?

I should explain that Gold has a fixed spot price twice a day and in order to buy it you have to pay more, a percentage over fixed spot.
Lets say you pay 15% over spot (which is the best online price for Gold bullion) and you buy 25g of Gold you pay £973,75.

If next year, the price has continued to rise at 35% you decide to sell the Gold because you want a holiday, you will get £1144.47, so you are up £171,72. Pretty good, hey.


It is worth pointing out that Gold prices go up and down, the price will vary day to day, however if you look at Gold as a long term way to save for a rainy day, there is a very good chance you will be quids in.

*All figures are correct at time of writing, it is always worth doing your own research when you are looking to save money.



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