Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage ———————– ‘Love and Marriage go together like a horse drawn carriage’ Frank Sinatra It’s true they do, but it is not enough to love the person you are married to. Marriage takes a lot of things combine to make it work. In order to have a happy and healthy marriage I have … More Love and Marriage


Theme Parks Scare me ! It’s strange how things change, as a child and young adult I loved theme parks. I loved the rush of adrenaline as my body traveled at high speed, turning upside down. It all changed, why ? My daughter was born. As my two daughters grow and now have turned to … More Scared

People Watching

People Watching a Life Time of practice It all started with my Mum, she loved people, she loved watching people. From a young age she encouraged me to watch and see what was going on. Where ever we went she would be talking to different people, when asked ‘Who was that Mummy?’ her reply often … More People Watching